Who’s Joe?

Joseph Toronto has been a portfolio manager for 37 years for some of the largest institutions in the western U.S. In 1993, Joe founded Affiliated Investment Advisors, Inc., as a registered investment advisor for serious investors seeking professional management for superior safety and returns. Mr. Toronto is a Chartered Financial Analyst and is a member of the Salt Lake City Chapter of the Financial Analysts Society and the Association for Investment Management and Research. He has a Master’s degree in investment securities and a B.A. degree with a dual major in finance and management.

Affiliated Investment Advisors, Inc. is a “traditional” portfolio manager for retirement plans, profit sharing plans, individuals, IRA’s and other trusts. Affiliated’s portfolio management services are NOT alternative “hedge” fund style and are “fee only” involving no commissions or performance incentives. Affiliated is not a stock broker or financial planner and does not sell any investment, insurance fund or product.

Affiliated Investment Advisors, Inc. is a traditional investment advisor which does not engage in leveraging and other highly speculative investment practices which may increase the risk of investment loss. All investments are liquid on a daily basis, can be sold immediately and are exchange traded stocks and bonds on national exchanges that provide daily or periodic pricing or valuation information to investors. All client funds are held in individually segregated accounts by independent third party custodians that also provide independently to each client, monthly or periodic activity reports, portfolio status reports and activity confirms. Affiliated Investment Advisors, Inc. is not an “alternative” investment vehicle commonly known as a hedge fund and is therefore not exposed to additional substantial risks that are common to hedge funds.

To contact Joe:

Affiliated Investment Advisors, Inc.
162 Harvest Berry Pl
Draper, UT  84020
801 532-6499 voice
joe”at”aiadvisors.com (change the “at” to @)

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