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Economic Diagnosis: It’s Still the Collapsed Money Supply

Money Isn’t Changing Hands Fast Enough (Velocity) by Charles Rotblut, CFA June 26, 2011 Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke continues to be the enemy of savers. On Wednesday, the Boston Red Sox fan reiterated his belief that interest rates should … Continue reading

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PIMCO Founder to Deficit Obsessed Congress:

by Brian Beutler June 23, 2011 One of the most influential investors in the world of finance has a message for lawmakers — particularly conservative lawmakers — on Capitol Hill: rejoin the real world. In a prospectus for clients, Bill … Continue reading

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The Long Trek Back to Sustainable Debt Levels.

by Cullen Roche13 June 2011 The private sector debt problem is no secret although the mainstream media is still blinded by the supposed public sector debt problem. Of course, there is no public sector debt problem in the USA so … Continue reading

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