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S&P Warns on U.S. Debt… Who Cares?

by Barry Ritholz April 19, 2011 What does Standard & Poor’s action lowering the U.S. outlook to “negative” mean? What are the likely ramifications of the U.S. deficit and debt? I do not want to conflate two completely different issues, … Continue reading

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Quarterly Summary to Clients

Although your account has performed quite well over the past twelve months, the most recent quarter has been difficult as we proceed into some very difficult economic terrain. This recovery is one of the weakest on record and unemployment remains … Continue reading

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The Cure for Inflation.

By John Mauldin April 16, 2011 The Cure for High Prices Let’s Rewind the Inflation Tape A Shocking Development Another Important European Election Today we once again think about the inflation/deflation debate, turn our eyes to Europe and the very … Continue reading

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Is Current Inflation Here to Stay?

by William Hersher at 15 Apr 2011 06:40 AM PDT Propelled by economic recovery and the recent Mideast political turmoil, oil prices have firmly shaken off any lingering credit crisis weakness, and are headed towards a record high. Moreover, … Continue reading

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Don’t Count on Hyperinflation Anytime Soon.

by Edward Harrison on April 8, 2011 I don’t like talking about hyperinflation because it veers into the fringe element of discussion. But, in the blogosphere you often hear vague references to it. So I thought I would take … Continue reading

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