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My Quarterly Strategy Letter to Clients

To My Clients: Our accounts were up 1.01% during the first quarter of this year.  The major stock market indexes are all down between 3-13%. The current recession, the longest and deepest in decades is the result of massive debt … Continue reading

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Tax Day – Guest Post

This April 15 is the 94th year that Americans have had to file an income tax. For most Americans, the day is a non-event. The federal and state governments have already collected the taxes due by withholding from each paycheck … Continue reading

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Robert Samuelson: China and Dollar Deception.

Robert Samuelson posted an article today about what he thinks China is up to: China Engages in Dollar Deception. Given the dollar’s drawbacks, why not switch to something else, as Zhou suggests? The trouble, as even he concedes, is that … Continue reading

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