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Simon Johnson (Bank Oligarchs) on Bill Moyers Journal

Click here for the video.   Transcript follows below. Broadcast on February 13, 2009 BILL MOYERS: Welcome to the Journal. The battle is joined as they say — and here’s the headline that framed it: “High Noon: Geithner v. The American … Continue reading

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High Noon: Geithner v. The Bank Oligarchs

There comes a time in every economic crisis or, more specifically, in every struggle to recover from a crisis, when someone steps up to the podium to promise the policies that – they say – will deliver you back to … Continue reading

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Is the Media the Perfect Contrary Stock Market Indicator?

Capitulation theory holds that when when everyone throws in the towel and is “sure” the market is going further down, that it will then actually go up. A derivative theory, the front page/cartoonist theory holds that when you finally see … Continue reading

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Don’t Fight the Fed.

Does this rule still really apply? Comparisons of economic conditions of today with those of the Great Depression abound, as well as comparisons with Japan’s “lost decades”, most implying that we are doomed to a repeat of those woeful eras. … Continue reading

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